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Trump Survival Guide

With the Inauguration of Donald Trump fast approaching we wanted to offer a book that will let you know everything you need to know about living through what we all hoped would never happen.

Listen to our interview with the author, Gene Stone, who wrote the book knowing that the only way to survive the next four years by acting now with 10 important action steps.

For a gift of $45 (Trump is the 45th President) we will send you “The Trump Survival Guide” and put the rest of your gift to immediate work, helping progressive candidates all across the country.

For a Gift of $45 We’ll Send You The Trump Survival Guide


Donald Trump as President is no laughing matter and we need to act now.

In this book, Stone covers such pressing issues as Civil Rights, the Economy, Obamacare and a host of Women’s Issues.

For a Gift of $45 We’ll Send You The Trump Survival Guide


Never before has it been more important than to get involved – and to fight for what we’ve accomplished over the past eight years.

For a gift of $45 we’ll send you this important book.

Thanks for all you do.

Jennifer Petty

– Executive Director

Mayor Bill de Blasio

Long-time friend of 21st Century Democrats New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is up for re-election next November, 2017.

Bill is a true champion for progressive causes, and we are doing everything we can to make sure he wins his re-election. From taking on the landlord lobby to freeze rents, he fought for universal pre-K for every four-year-old, he signed paid sick leave into law and raised the minimum wage for all city employees and contractors.

He needs our help, so please send a donation today to Bill’s re-election campaign.



Jennifer Petty

Executive Director

Bumper Stickers!

By an overwhelming majority – much like the Presidential race this year – our “Don’t Blame Me” bumper sticker won the contest!

I think that says it all!

So we are now offering you our “Don’t Blame Me” bumper sticker for a gift of $8 or more.

Send Your Gift of $8 or more Today to Get Our Don’t Blame Me Bumper Sticker

This bumper sticker allows you to show your family, friends and neighbors know how you feel about the November election.

It’s still hard to believe isn’t it that Donald Trump will become our next President.

Send Your Gift of $8 or more Today to Get Our Don’t Blame Me Bumper Sticker

If you send a gift of $25 or more we’ll send you three bumper stickers that you can give to family and friends.

Please act today.

Thanks for all you do.


Jennifer Petty

– Executive Director

I’m mad and scared for our country

unnamedWhat happened last Tuesday was the unthinkable.

Donald Trump is going to be sworn-in in January as President.

This has me both mad and scared for our country.

That’s why we need to not sit back and let him do whatever he wants to our country.

As the reality starts to sink in, one thing that we can’t do is wait and see what the Republican-controlled House and Senate along with Donald Trump do to all the progress we made in the last 8 years under President Obama.

Democrats have to protect 25 Senate seats in 2018!

Donate Today to Start Fighting Back


And of those 25 – four are 21st Century Democrats-endorsed candidates.

  • Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin

  • Sherrod Brown in Ohio

  • Jon Tester in Montana

  • Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts

We must protect these four incredibly strong progressive Senators and win three seats to take back the Senate – a goal we are not going to give up on!

Donate Today to Start Fighting Back


I know it’s hard to start fighting again – but that’s what Donald Trump and the Republicans are counting on.

Let’s start to rebuild our strong grassroots campaign today.

Thanks for all you do,

Jennifer Petty

Executive Director

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Candidate Links

Elizabeth Warren
Speaks for Me

Elizabeth Warren embodies the progressive spirit we want to see in more elected leaders. You can support our work to elect more progressives like her by ordering this limited edition “Elizabeth Warren Speaks for Me” T-shirt for a donation of $20.16.

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